Easy Ways to Set the Mood for Fall from Halloween

Easy Ways to Set the Mood for Fall from Halloween

Now that Halloween is over, you can pick up those skulls, snakes and witch hats! Who doesn’t love the “cozy season?” One of my favorite seasons to decorate is FALL! I love the warm vibrant colors and the cool fresh air. I create an easy transition from Halloween to Fall, most of my fall accessories are incorporated in Halloween, but spookified! Here are a few tips to easily transition to fall.

1- Upgrade your Fireplace and Warm up Your Entryway! Add fall foilage or pumpkins to your fireplace or entryway tables. During this season temps tend to drop- so on those cold days it’s hibernation mode for me! More time spent indoors around your heater or fireplace! You also tend to have more visitors over, so having a cozy entry for your guests creates an entryway to remember.

2- Display Wicker, Copper or Warm-colored Serving Pieces. You can always incorporate your serving dishes in your design. Grab some pinecones, fall ribbon and that favorite copper dish and create a cozy centerpiece. 

3- Pile on the Pillows and Throws. Who doesn’t love a classic plaid pillow and furry throws! Mix patterns to shake things up in your space. Swap your bright colors for warmer tones.

4- Add Flowers, fruit and plants! Spruce up your space with dried fall flowers. They will last you through the season (and next) until it’s time to swap to red and green! Place seasonal arrangements, candles and warm elements in unexpected places to warm up your home this season. Your guests may not want to leave!

5- Make the Most of Your Outdoor Living Spaces! Add pillows to your outdoor furniture, hang a festive wreath (I made my own) and pull out those fire pits. You can hang wreaths on the exterior door, interior or exterior windows or mirrors.  In Louisiana the weather is tricky, so on those warmer days you’ll be spending time outdoors with your neighbors and family.

The holiday season adds comfort and warmth to your home! Since this marks the beginning of hosting gatherings for your friends, neighbors and family, it’s a great time to rethink your design and incorporate ways to boost its appeal and inviting atmosphere. Stay warm and cozy this fall season! 


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