How do I choose a house that is right for me?

How do I choose a house that is right for me?

So you have picked the neighborhood you love, but now you must pick the house that is just right for you!  A great thing about the Greater New Orleans Area and its architecture is that in each neighborhood, there are options to fit everyone’s style.  A big yard, the ideal location, screened porch, two car garage- these are just a handful of items that people long for when thinking about their future home. 

There are so many questions and surely this is a big decision for you so let’s go through some so you make the best decision for you and your needs.

What can I afford? 

Narrowing a budget down, not only for your downpayment but also the monthly payment, up keep and expenses, is extremely important. Getting preapproved is your first step, but knowing your budget is big part of the process. Often a lender may approve you for more than you’d like to spend on a monthly note. Taking into account escrows for taxes and insurances can greatly adjust your monthly note. 

Decide on what you’d like your monthly note to be first and then with your agent and lender narrow down a specific home price range to look in. Being comfortable with your monthly expenses will ease the financial commitment and help you avoid stress. 

Do you want move-in ready or a renovation? 

Do you want a home to have friends and families over on move in day or do you want to roll up your sleeves and get to work on sweat equity? This is the second question you need to ask yourself after you’ve decided on a budget and before beginning your home search. There are benefits and challenges for both options so lets touch on a few:

Option 1

Being a historic city there are many homes that need a bit of polish to shine and that’s where your vision can come to life. You can labor yourself or find contractors, but you can bring your own flair to an existing home and possibly add value through the process.

  • Make it your own
  • Build equity in your home
  • Have a little fun in the process
  • It can be challenging and hard work – do you want a small renovation and live in the house during construction or do you want the gut the entire home which can take months? 
  • This can take time so patience is key
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Option 2

Who would not love the idea of finding that perfect move in ready house! You pick the house, close on Friday, have movers on Saturday, and watch the Saints game with friends and family on Sunday! WHAT A DREAM! This is a great path for those too busy or maybe not inclined to take on a project.

  • Simplicity 
  • Save your precious time
  • Be able to focus on what is important to you (work, new baby, new business, etc.)
  • Buying new may come at a premium – be prepared to pay for the convenience 
  • New construction may not be in your ideal location
    • Given the market competition – sometimes these homes go quick so be prepared to be decisive and have a responsive agent

Finding a home can be a very fun and exciting process! Really getting clear on these 2 questions is key before you ever walk into a home . If you are still unsure about what you may be looking for in a home, start looking at homes online to get an idea of inventory and see the difference between new and older construction. This will give you a better idea of how to plan your home buying future. 


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