The Basics to Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

The Basics to Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Ideally when someone calls me to list their home, they have some time, a couple of weeks, before they need to get moving. We will meet and over over things needed to be done in the home in preparation to sell. We go over the listing process and get some people in to make some repairs and improvement. But also sometimes, sellers are often in a pinch because they found a home they want to put an offer in or they waited to late and their jobs are moving them. These sellers need to get things moving quickly. Below is a list that you could easily knock out in a weekend with a few helping hands in order to get your home ready to sell.

Spruce up Outside – cut the grass, get a clean trim, pull weeds, lay some fresh mulch and add a few plants with color to bring the home to life. Wipe down the front door and the area around it. The outside of your home is your very first impression. Missing this mark may have your potential buyer not even walking in the door.

Have HVAC Cleaned and Serviced – This is an item that comes up in almost every inspection report. Getting this done ahead of time and having the receipt to provide to your buyer shows you are taking care of your home.

Paint – Yes break out the blue tape and touch up paint around the house. Now I realize painting the entire house is probably not doable in a pinch so focus on areas you know you already need touching up as well as your main family room and this will being everything together. But if you truly do have the time, giving the house a fresh coat of paint can make the world of difference. 

Deep Clean – this is something you are better off hiring for. Get the professionals to really deep clean your home. Everything from moldings to appliances (including the oven), fans, covers, blinds, dryer vents etc. Get yourself a Monica in there to really make your home shine.

Replace Pealing Grout – Often we underestimate the wear and tear in our bathrooms. Removing pealing grout and replacing it with fresh clean grout can transform your bathroom to look like new.

Declutter – Yes this is often the biggest under taking but the most necessary.  It may be difficult to get all your rooms done in a weekend. But focus on the living areas first, and then bedrooms, closets and garage. Pro Tip: The more of the floor you see, the better. Even in your closets.

Check all your Light Bulbs – Make sure they are all working. If you have off colored lights, make it all the same and change the ones that are broken. Dust off and wipe down the light fixtures as well. Buyers are turning off and on lights, and you really want for your home to shine bright.

Check your Smoke Detectors.  I hope this is something you do twice a year anyways, but pressing the button to give them fresh beep to ensure they are working. 


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