Top 3 Questions You Should Be Asking A Listing Agent When Selling Your Home

Top 3 Questions You Should Be Asking A Listing Agent When Selling Your Home

If you are thinking about selling your home, below are the top 3 questions you should ask your real estate agent. Even if its your moms best friend, cousin on your dad’s side or  aunt you only see at christmas but you think you HAVE to use, ask him or her these questions. How you know them personally and how you know them professionally may be two different things. Asking these questions will either reassure you your mom’s best friend can do a great job for you or make you question your decision all together.

Maybe you don’t really know any agents ( ‍♀️), or you’ve reached out for a recommendation on Facebook only to get flooded with a sea of agents? Set up interviews. If you are wondering what to ask? Well I’ve got you covered. Below I talk about 3 great questions you should ask any agent you are considering to list your home. 

Want more questions to give you further insight? I’ve got you covered there too. Download the Listing Questionnaire to get the a cheatsheet of questions you can print out and be ready to go on those interviews. 

Are you a full time agent? 

~If so, how many homes do you sell a year?

I know you’ve heard it before but buying and selling a home is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, transaction of your life. So I truly believe you should be working with someone who is a professional in the sense that this is their full time career. This means, they are invested themselves in the market, the ins and outs every single day vs an agent who sell 2-3 homes a year. 

Your mom’s best friend side hustle while she works 9-5 in an office isn’t putting in the time to truly know what is going on in the market or your area. While there are exceptions to the rule, maybe she is really working hard and investing the extra time to make it her full time career, but if they are “in it for the extra money” I can promise there are things they are missing out on. 

What will you do to market my home? 

In other words, what is their marketing strategy? If an agent is full time, they will have a marketing strategy to get your home sold. Every home is different so some homes need tweeks to overall complete marketing plan. Any good product puts a marketing plan in place to see the best results. Chances are your side hustle agent may just put a sign in the yard and pray. That’s definitely not the way to go.

Do you have any references you can share with me? 

An agent should be ready and willing to hand over references that you can reach out to for their experiences. Better yet, I would ask for a reference for a similar property or area for the best experience

While you are getting in touch with references, Google the agent, if you haven’t done so already. What is their online presence link? Website, social media etc? Are they actively talking and posting about the real estate market? Do they have a blog (like this one ) where they share tips and trick demonstrating what they know?

I hope this adds some valuable insight when you decide to list your home. Have any questions or want further insight to these questions, shoot me an email. Want some extra questions and a cheat sheet to print out for agent interviews? Click to download it here =)


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