Prepping Your Home for Sale When You have Kids

Prepping Your Home for Sale When You have Kids

Selling as a family?

As I have said before, selling your home is a very stressful life event. It’s not surprising that adding kids to the mix can take it to a whole new level! 

Luckily my experience working with families has taught me that there are things you can do to make the process smoother. I of course can’t promise it will be stress-free but in this post I’ve compiled my best advice for easing the stress of selling a home when you have kids. 

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Let’s start with one that is on the list whether you have kids or not: decluttering. 

Toys are a big part of the usual house clutter for families. When you decide to list your home take the time to go through all of the toys and kids clothes and sell or give away what your kids have outgrown. 

You might also consider getting a storage unit – kids will appreciate toys that much more once they have been “away” for a little bit. Storage unit unpacking day is practically Christmas for them!

I have tons of other advice on how to declutter here: Decluttering Your Home before you Sell Your New Orleans Area Home

Decluttering Before You Sell Your New Orleans Area Home

Preparing for showings

Once the main decluttering is done the challenge is to keep your home fresh and ready for showings. 

  • Have a basket of cleaning supplies handy for quick clean up. Toss in things like cleaning wipes, air/fabric freshener spray, and a dusting cloth. 
  • Keep a laundry basket around to throw things lying around into at the last minute and pop it into the car with you when you leave. 
  • If your kids are old enough, get them involved in the cleaning process. 
  • Assign tasks ahead of time – who is in charge of picking up toys/odds and ends? Who is in charge of wiping down the bathroom(s)? Who can handle making sure all of the dishes are out of the sink?

As hard as it might be, get in a mindset to tidy up a little everyday so it doesn’t get overwhelming. Temporary small changes can make a big difference, like using paper plates to cut down on the dishes.

I’ve developed a checklist of things to get done before leaving for a showing that you can download print out for reference: 

Download The Checklist

I’ve created this handy checklist to run through every time you’re leaving your home for an open house or a showing. Click here to download!

Home Showing Checklist

Use the actual showings as a chance to relax

Think of showings as family fun time. Once you are all out of the house together – relax! Make a list of fun outings you can do as a family and then pick something from it each time you have a showing or an open house. This will also be a good motivator to get the family to get their straightening up done.

Some examples might be sno-balls or frozen yogurt, picnics at the boat launch or city park. If your kids are younger, maybe a play place at their favorite fast food restaurant. If they’re older, consider laser tag, bowling, or go to the movies. Another good idea is to have a go-to friend for impromptu playdates.

Don’t forget self care!   

In the midst of all the chaos don’t forget to take some time for yourself. Set aside at least one time each week to relax alone or with just your partner. Have a nice lunch, go to the gym, or just curl up and read a book or watch your favorite TV show. 

Ready to jump in?

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