Ready to Move but Haven’t Found the Right Home Yet? 

Ready to Move but Haven’t Found the Right Home Yet? 

Like many homeowners you may be ready to make a move, but the right home has not hit the market yet. Before listing your home there is important prep work that should be completed. It is a great idea to contact us for assistance to get the process started.

1- Home Value

When searching for the right home, it’s useful to know how much your current home is worth. As your real estate agent we can complete a comparative analysis of the homes that are currently for sale or recently sold to give you a good idea of your home value on the market. Knowing your home value should be step 1. We also provide a seller net sheet showing how much you will walk away with at closing. This information is helpful in determining your new home budget.

2- Contacting a Lender

Now that you know your home value and the estimated amount you may walk away with, it is a great idea to discuss your options with a lender. Establishing an ideal monthly payment and new home budget is a very important step in starting your home search. When submitting an offer you must provide a pre-approval from a lender to the seller or show proof of funds. We can also provide lender recommendations. 

3 – Repairs

This is a great time to start working on some of those home repairs you may have been putting off. If you are having plumbing issues or need roof maintenance, now is the time to make those repairs that may come up on inspections. We can also look at the current condition and offer ways that may help increase your value. Painting, sprucing up landscaping and decluttering are just a few ways to make your home ready to sale on the market.

4 – Professional Home Photos

Now is the time to get your home ready for photos! If a new listing comes up that works for you, it’s a good idea to have your photos ready to list. We can assist in staging your home and getting professional photos taken. If you are writing a contingent offer, providing the seller with photos of your home will make your offer stronger. Having photos completed for when your perfect home hits the market is important, it streamlines the process and decreases stress.

5- Marketing

Once the photos are ready, we work on marketing material, website and social media content. When you are ready to list, so are we! 

If you are ready to sell, but not sure where to start give us a call. Being prepared for when your dream home hits the market will reduce your stress and give you a better chance of successfully making the purchase. Email us for a seller’s and buyer’s guide to get you started today!


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